Free Motion Quilting

Would you like to quilt your own quilts on your sewing machine? This class is for you.
We will start at the beginning. Learn and then practice the skills you need to get you started free motion quilting.
Cost: $ 35.00
Skill Level:beginner
Requirements:Your sewing machine. Make sure it is working well. - darning foot or a free motion quilting foot - a few extra needles - thread in at least 2 colors(white and a color if fine), and any threads you want to try using. - fabric markers (pens, chalk, hera) if you have them - quilting gloves if you have them - sewing supplies like scissors, pins etc - 4-6 fabric sandwiches(batting between 2 layers of fabric) at least 12" x12", but larger sandwiches are fine, and more sandwiches are fine. PIN them or spray baste them together!! It will be easier to see your stitches on muslin or solid fabric. But, any quilting cotton works fine. You may make the sandwiches using any batting scraps you have. But, if you have to buy batting to make sandwiches, I recommend a thin cotton batting. IF you have a quilt top that you want to quilt, bring it. We will take a break during class to look at each others quilt tops to get ideas for quilting. Then you can focus your practice on that quilting style.
Instructor Name:Kathy Miller