Black Cat Collage by Laura Heine

Learn Laura Heine's artistic collage technique while making the Black Cat quilt just in time for Halloween!
Cost: $ 40.00
Skill Level:beginner
Requirements:Black Cat pattern by Laura Heine, Black sharpie pen, applique pressing sheet, Karen K. Buckley medium blue handled Perfect Scissors, 2 1/2 yds. of 24" Steam a Seam fusible(not lite), 2/3 yd. Pattern Ease, 12" x 20" of a focus spider web background, 6" square of 8-10 coordinating fabrics for backgrounds, 6" square of 8-10 different black fabrics with slight print and slightly different values for the cat and spider, 6" square of 7 additional black with cream motifs for cuttables, (These fabrics should have things like spider webs, bats, spider legs, ghosts, words...), 6" square of red for the spider tummy, 6" square of tiny mice, and 6" square of tiny bugs for web. Carol will have the focus spider web background ($2), tiny mice and tiny bugs($1) for sale at the class if you prefer to get them from her.
Instructor Name:Carol Kapsalis