Peppermint by Laura Heine

Learn Laura Heine's artistic collage technique while making the Peppermint quilt just in time for the holiday season!
Cost: $ 40.00
Skill Level:beginner
Requirements:Peppermint pattern, Laura Heine Peppermint pattern, 1 yard of pattern ease, 8 yards of steam-a-seam II ( 24? wide), #2 pencil or sharpie, Karen Buckley medium perfect scissors (you can use any small scissors with serrated blades), pressing sheet. For the fabrics, the shop has put together a fabric kit to purchase. If you would like to purchase your own fabric you will need the following: **6?x11? of six different blue fabrics for the sky **8?x11? of one cuttable star fabric **For houses: - 2 metallic snow fabrics 6x11 for roof tops - 6? squares or comparable yardage of 12 different fabrics for the houses, yellows, greens, oranges, purples, pink and tans **Cuttables: - Scraps to 6? squares of 8-10 different fabrics (depending on print of cuttable) houses, trees, animals, lake, people and packages. These are fabrics that have motifs on them. (These fabrics will have objects that can be cut out) **Deer: - 6?x11? of 8-9 different grey/taupe fabrics for the deer and antlers - 1 large scrap of a floral cuttable to coordinate with the grey/taupe fabrics from above - 2 different 4?x11? scraps of red for the ribbon - 1 peppermint cuttable for the nose **Backrounds: - 15-17 different white to cream fabrics for the backrounds total of about 1 ?-1 ? yards. These fabrics will represent snow.
Instructor Name:Carol Kapsalis